Over the last century, the I&EC Division has sponsored dozens of peer-reviewed academic journals. A few periodicals, like Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN), have evolved into major independent publications. The journals associated with I&EC are listed below.

1909 Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry launched

1923 Title shortened to Industrial & Engineering Chemistry

1923 I&EC News Edition started

1929 Analytical Edition of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry started

1940 News Edition became an independent publication

1942 News Edition renamed Chemical and Engineering News

1947 Chemical and Engineering News became a weekly publication

1948 Analytical Edition became Analytical Chemistry

1953 Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry spun off independently

1956 Chemical & Engineering Data series launched

1958 Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data founded

1962 I&EC Fundamentals Quarterly launched

1962 I&EC Process Design & Development Quarterly launched

1962 I&EC Product Research & Development Quarterly launched

~1962 Accounts of Chemical Research launched

1967 Environmental Science & Technology founded

1970 Industrial and Engineering Chemistry publication suspended

1971 Chemical Technology (CHEMTECH) launched

1987 I&EC Quarterlies collapsed into I&EC Research

1997 Web edition of I&EC Research started

2000 CHEMTECH metamorphosed into Chemical Innovation

2001 Biweekly publication instituted for I&EC Research