The Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Division is a sponsoring Division for ACS Symposium Series and Special Project books. I&EC members, symposium organizers, leadership, and others have contributed to more than 100 books since 1957. Below are a few of the more recent book publications affiliated with the I&EC Division. You can also download a comprehensive list of books by clicking here.

Ionic Liquids: Current State and Future Directions

Mark B. Shiflett and Aaron M. Scurto

ACS Symposium Series, 2017, Vol. 1250

Academia and Industrial Pilot Plant Operations and Safety

Mary K. Engelman (Moore) and Elmer B. Ledesma

ACS Symposium Series, 2014, Vol. 1163

Chemistry, Process Design, and Safety for the Nitration Industry

Thomas L. Guggenheim

ACS Symposium Series, 2013, Vol. 1155

Sustainable Nanotechnology and the Environment: Advances and Achievements

Najm Shamim and Virender K. Sharma

ACS Symposium Series, 2013, Vol. 1124

Ionic Liquids: Science and Applications

Ann E. Visser, Nicholas J. Bridges, and Robin D. Rogers

ACS Symposium Series, 2012, Vol. 1117

Nanoscale Materials in Chemistry: Environmental Applications

Larry E. Erickson, Ranjit T. Koodali, and Ryan M. Richards

ACS Symposium Series, 2010, Vol. 1045

Ionic Liquids: From Knowledge to Application

Natalia V. Plechkova, Robin D. Rogers, and Kenneth R. Seddon

ACS Symposium Series, 2009, Vol. 1030

Environmental Applications of Nanoscale and Microscale Reactive Metal Particles

Cherie L. Geiger and Kathleen M. Carvalho-Knighton

ACS Symposium Series, 2009, Vol. 1027

Gas-Expanded Liquids and Near-Critical Media: Green Chemistry and Engineering

Keith W. Hutchenson, Aaron M. Scurto, and Bala Subramaniam

ACS Symposium Series, 2006, Vol. 1006