The Division is governed by the Charter, Constitution and Bylaws of the American Chemical Society; the Articles of Incorporation of the Division of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Incorporated; and the Division’s Bylaws, in that order of precedence. Policies adopted by the Executive Committee of the Division, if not inconsistent with the above-noted documents, shall further govern the action of the Division, its Executive Committee and all subsidiary components of the Division.

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Finance Committee

The Division’s Finance Committee shall be chaired by the Division Treasurer. The Division Chair is an ex-officio member.
Adopted 1990, 2021

Investment policy

Surplus funds shall be invested according to policies established by the Finance Committee. The Treasurer may invest in money market funds, certificates of deposit or in a family of mutual funds approved by the Finance Committee. Any other investments must be approved by the Division Executive Committee at the time of investment. All investments shall be reviewed annually by the Finance Committee.
Adopted 1994

Reimbursement policy

Travel is an important expense for Division officers and other Executive Committee members while attending Divisional meetings, to represent the Division or conduct the business of the Division. They are expected to attend all meetings where there is no conflict with other duties or responsibilities. The Division will provide funds for otherwise unreimbursed expenses related to the governance and representation of the Division.

  • It is the obligation of all members to obtain the cheapest rates possible for such travel and/or per diem expenses.
  • It is also the obligation of the member to attempt to secure travel funds from outside sources such as grants, gifts, foundations, support of employers, research funds, etc.
  • If such funds are not available, the members may be reimbursed while representing the Division according to the following guidelines, upon receipt of proper documentation.
  • Any additional funds in excess of $3,000 annually must be approved by the Executive Committee.

A. Maximum reimbursements: (Annual basis) $3,000

B. It is the obligation of each member to:

  • Send the proper documentation, with receipts, for individual items over $25
  • File the expense report within 30 days
  • After 30 days, the member must submit the request for reimbursement to the Chair for approval by the Executive Committee, and after such approval, the request shall be forwarded to the Treasurer for payment.
    • Treasurer shall not pay any claim submitted after 30 days without the approval of the Executive Committee.

Adopted 1994, amended 1998, 2005, 2011, 2021

Symposia Budgets and Contracts

All symposia that require signed contracts or other guarantees must be approved by the Division Executive Committee, and all hotel contracts or written guarantees are to be signed by the Chair.

Symposia approved by I&EC program chair will be financial supported as follows:

  1. $500 will be allocated per ½ day session (for programs given under the SS&T subdivision, funding will come from their budget)
  2. I&EC encourage program organizers to find additional funding for their symposia from companies, grants, etc. I&EC will provide additional funds in the amount of 2X the amount of funds allocated by sources external to the ACS, up to $2,000.

Funding (in addition to the amounts described in 1 and 2 above) may be requested. These requests for additional funding must be approved by I&EC executive committee.

Funding request should include the following:

  1. Organizers contact information
  2. Name of Symposia
  3. Other Sponsors (please address if funds have been approved or not)
  4. Names of invited speakers
  5. Session Topics
  6. Budget request with allocation of all funds (statement of how the funds will be used)
  7. A statement explaining how the funding will impact I&EC

Additionally, I&EC Fellows (Chemist, Engineer, and the Applied Chemical Technology) symposia will each be allocated $1,000 ($500 for the symposia organizer and $500 to assist with the recipients’ travel). Additional Funding can be obtained using the above guidelines.
Approved by I&EC executive committee April 19, 2011

Special Symposia (i.e., those not held in conjunction with ACS National Meetings and arranged by the ACS Meetings and Expositions Department) shall have their budgets kept separately from the rest of the Division’s operating budget.
Adopted 1996

Invited speakers and foreign speakers who are not ACS members shall, upon request for financial assistance, be reimbursed for registration fees and such other expenses as are approved by the Executive Committee. Symposia organizers and session chairs shall be guests of the Division at Divisional lunches.
Adopted 1989

In order to further communication and working relationships among members of the Executive Committee, funds up to a maximum of $2000 annually are provided to support a dinner meeting, usually held Sunday evenings at each National Meeting. Such funding shall not include alcoholic beverages.
Adopted 2004, amended 2011


A slate of candidates shall be approved at the Spring National Meeting. The officers of the Division shall be elected by a secret ballot that shall be sent by the Secretary 60 days prior to the SOCIETY’s Fall National Meeting, with the election returns accepted with date marks up to 15 days prior to the meeting and announced at the Fall National Meeting.

A candidate’s biography/position statement shall not exceed 500 words, and shall be published as written. An appropriate copy of the duties and job description for each office shall be forwarded to each such elected person.
Adopted 1990, amended 2005, 2011

After election results are announced to, and accepted by, the Division Executive Committee at the Fall National Meeting, the Division Chair shall notify all candidates of the results, and an appropriate copy of the duties and job description for each office shall be forwarded to each such elected person.
Adopted 2005

Governance and Administration

A Division Business Meeting shall be held at each National Meeting, just prior to the Executive Committee meeting.
Adopted 2005

I&EC income from any source shall be deposited with the Division Treasurer.
Adopted 1990

The Division cannot cosponsor an event conflicting with our own activities.
Adopted 1990

Alternate Councilors certified to the Society by the Division Secretary are the Chair-Elect, Chair, Immediate Past Chair and Secretary. They shall serve three-year terms.
Adopted 1990

The Office of the Chair is organized to make the Chair-Elect responsible for the Steering Committee and long-range planning; the Chair shall have responsibility for appointments and for coordinating current operations; and the Immediate Past Chair shall be responsible for nominations, policy continuity, annual reports and updating of job descriptions. The outgoing Past Chair shall be a member-at-large of the Executive Committee for three years.
Adopted 1990

The Steering Committee consists of all Past Chairs and the appointees of the Chair-Elect.
Adopted 1990

Subdivisions shall report annually to the Division Executive Committee. Budget requests and authorizations shall be made at that time. Subdivision bylaws shall be drafted and approved by the Division Executive Committee as part of the process provided in the Division’s By-laws for Subdivision elections and self-sustaining operation.
Adopted 1990, amended 2005

Publication Policies

A document describing in detail the steps leading to publication of a symposium was developed in 1989 and can be found in the Division archives. All Executive Committee members should have a copy of this document. Symposium organizers should be encouraged to keep publication in mind when organizing their symposia. A Symposium organizer does not necessarily have to be the book editor.

  • Royalties are divided between the editor(s) and the Division, the Division receiving 50% of the royalty.
  • The Society and its publishing agent will receive the right of first refusal for publication of I&EC symposia if they are competitive. All other factors being equal, for example, a competing publisher offering a higher royalty or longer payout could be the preferred publisher, and be selected as the publisher of choice.
  • All contracts for publication should be signed by the Division Chair, the editor(s) and the publisher.
  • If publication of symposium proceedings is planned, and the Division will realize royalty income, an advance “investment” of Divisional support may be made, upon application to, and approval by, the Executive Committee.

Adopted 1990, amended 1998

  • Funds should be provided for recognition awards for symposium chairs with published symposia, e.g., framed dust jackets from published books.
  • Advertising in C&EN has been authorized from time to time, and Divisional policy allows this to be used as needed in what the Executive Committee deems are appropriate circumstances.

Adopted 1990, amended 1996, 2005, 2011

Public Relations and Awards

Poster session drink policy: I&EC members get two drinks free when available.  If attendees join I&EC on the spot, they get two free drinks.  Soft drinks are free for all.
Adopted 1996

Recognition for Division Chair:  A plaque of appreciation and a Past Chair pin shall be given to all Past Chairs.
Adopted 1990

Funds should be provided for recognition awards for symposium chairs with published symposia, e.g., framed dust jackets from published books.
Adopted 1990

Advertising in C&EN has been authorized from time to time, and Divisional policy allows this to be used as needed in what the Executive Committee deems are appropriate circumstances.
Adopted 1990

Compiled by W. H. Flank – August 2005
Amended by J. H. Engelman – April 2011